Sunday, December 23, 2012

Great Finds!

Today I was a little nuts and ventured into Target. It was pretty crazy, but I'm glad I did because they had some very cute stuff in the dollar section!
Now I'm ready for Valentine's AND the 100th day of school in February. Love how Target has V-Day stuff before Christmas has even happened! I'm especially excited about this adorable little metal pail. LOVE the design! Reminds me of something Melanie from Schoolgirl Style would use!

I'm also very excited about these Leap Frog addition and subtraction mats that were only $1 each. They can be used with a dry-erase pen and re-used again and again. I bought 3 of each - they will be perfect for the new individual math boxes I am starting for each child in January!

 You may also notice by now that I LOVE owls. This adorable gift bag was also in the dollar section. Not sure what I'll use it for, but I'll think of something. :)

I've also recently discovered the great teacher section they started at JoAnn craft stores. These name tags were 36 for only $4! I used a coupon and got them half off. Love a good deal!


  1. Stop it!!!!!! Do you think it's crazy if I go to Target today too?! I NEED those!! hahahah

    1. Just be prepared for no parking, shopping carts, or baskets! ha! I had to carry all this stuff around in my arms, but it was worth it! :)


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