Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Back-to-School Must Haves!

I am SO excited to be a contributing member to this year's Back-to-School Must Haves e-magazine! 30 awesome teacher-bloggers from around the country each contributed their 3 "must haves" for the school year. I know that I got several great ideas from the e-mag and already ordered some of the items from Amazon!

Simply click on the window above to view the e-magazine and if you're anything like me and see something that you too must have, just click on the image and it will go straight to the site to purchase it from.

What must haves did I purchase from the e-mag?
 These ladies really knew what they were talking about! Several of the items in the e-mag I had already bought over the summer, it's like they read my mind! Don't forget that you can also check out their fun blogs by clicking on their blog logos in the e-mag! Happy reading (and shopping!)

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