Friday, January 3, 2014

January Activity Book

I'm down to the last weekend of winter break and I don't know about you, but I am NOT ready to return! I started having teacher dreams already. You know the kind... dreaming that I'm walking my kids in the hallway and one of them starts throwing up all over. Yup, just like the dreams I get in August!! ha!

Anyways, my winter break has been wonderful and productive (not so restful, but I'm really bad at just relaxing and being still, it's just not my thing!). I've been going to the gym like crazy - doing Zumba every day, sometimes twice a day! It feels so luxurious to sleep in, then go to Zumba at 10am on a weekday - I could seriously get used to that lifestyle!! Can I just be a stay-at-home dog-mom??

I've also been busy FINALLY finishing up my monthly activity packs. I posted January, February, and March - one a day. *whew* Got them done just in time to use with my class!

January Activity Book:

I was also pretty very excited to find out that my TpT store was briefly featured on the TpT front page!
Thanks to Teacher Laura for the head's up and screenshot!!

 And since it is that time of year, my RESOLUTION for 2014 is to add some diet to my exercise! ha! I've already been really good about hitting the gym 4-5 times a week (which is the main reason why I don't get to blog very much!), but I still eat whatever I want. I'm really impressed by the people who "eat clean" and do meal prep like this every week:
 What a clever idea! Ready-to-go-salad!


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