Saturday, September 7, 2013

2013-14 Classroom Reveal!

I was beyond excited to set up my brand-new 2nd grade classroom this year. A brand-new room, my first time teaching 2nd grade, and FINALLY a permanent full-time position! In the past I'd been a specialist and shared a room with another teacher, so I was never able to really set up my room how I'd like. This year was so liberating because the room is all mine and I could finally create my dream room!

 Welcome to room 12! Come on in!
{Pennant & cute craftivity from A Cupcake for the Teacher}

The view from my door...
{Adorable lanterns from School Girl Style}
{Close-up of a table group - the baskets and cups on the ends were from Dollar Tree!}

The east wall: cubbies (love them!) with my monthly organization on top:
Close-up view:
{Adorable hand-made bunting from Etsy!}

 {Chevron curtains sewn by my lovely mom}
{The organization hidden behind those curtains. Bins from Michael's}

Close-up of my student job display:

On to the south wall: my writing center!
Small group area:
{Super cheap stools from IKEA!}

Word wall and part of my library:
 {Super cute chevron rug from Target!}

Whole group area & math corner:

On to the west wall & my favorite part of the entire room: my class library!
{Fabulous book bins from Really Good Stuff!}
{Keep calm and read on}

And the north wall...
{Chevron floor poufs from Kohl's}
Close-up of my desk:
Student computers, daily schedule, learning targets, clip chart:
Close-up shots of schedule and clip chart:

On right side of door:
{Awesome mail slots from Really Good Stuff}

I hope you enjoyed my 1st annual classroom tour!
My 1st day of school gift to the secretaries:
 {Idea credit Teacher Laura}

My neon-themed gift to the principal and my grade level team:
{Idea credit Surfin' Through Second}


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    1. Thank you Marcy!! I worked a lot in August to get it ready for the 1st day, but I love how it turned out!

  2. Your classroom looks amazing! I'm so happy that you have a full time position. It seems like we were just at Panera Bread talking about how much you wanted this. Yay! Maybe some day I can even see your classroom in person. :) I forget which district you're in. I remember you lived semi-close to me. Have a great year!
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

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  4. I commented above under my husband's name some how! I'm from Portland too (grew up there)! I just found your blog. Your room looks incredible! I wouldn't even hide your supplied behind a curtain. They are so organized. I love the labels on them.
    What school do you teach at? I'm a kindergarten teacher in Salem.

    1. Hi Mara! I teach in Reynolds in Portland! I got those monthly boxes from Really Good Stuff about 6 years ago, love them!

  5. Where did you get those boxes that you have your monthly materials in?

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