Monday, January 7, 2013

Back to School!

On my last official day of winter break, what do I do? Why, I went into my classroom to work of course! ha
Brand-new name tags, new seating arrangement, deep cleaning the (very) dirty tables, putting away the last of the holiday decorations, sharpening 1 million pencils... the list goes on. But I was VERY excited when I walked into my room and found this brand-new projector screen hung up in my room! Hooray, I've been requesting it for months!
I'm also all prepped for my very first craftivity of the year: torn-paper snowmen glyphs! I love doing these every winter, it's fun to see how all of the kids' snowmen turn out so unique. I'd used this chart previously with kinders, so I had to make a few tweaks with Post-Its.
And a teacher tip: I found these adorable owl things at the Dollar Tree this week. Funny, I found owl cut-outs similar to these at Learning Palace, but for four times the money!
Aaand here's my classroom, all ready to go!


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    1. Awe, thanks! Congratulations on your 100 followers - so exciting! I added you back; I love the cute materials you create!
      ~ Nicole

  2. Oh how I miss the Dollar Tree! What a cute find!
    Teaching With Style

  3. Hi Nicole, your blog is darling!! I found you through TBTS. Best of luck!



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